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Harley Investments Ltd is a unique investment brokerage specialising in sourcing and delivering the best alternative investment projects worldwide.

We are proud to have completed a number of successful projects across the UK, including the Hospital Street student accommodation for Birmingham's sizeable student society, and an Eastern London Cemetery, specifically designed to help the ever-increasing shortage of burial space in London. We are constantly expanding on our eclectic collection of projects, offering residential developments, UK car parks, and overseas opportunities to ensure that we remain the number one investment brokerage in the UK.

More and more investors are looking to diversify their portfolios and become less reliant on traditional investing in stocks and bonds. By adding alternative investment options to their investment portfolio, our customers can reduce risk and enhance returns due to the vast diversification of products.

Harley Investments Ltd has extensive experience in alternative investments. Our team are comprised of highly skilled and knowledgeable individuals who boast many years within the investment industry, offering our customers expert advice and guidance to arrive at the best investment solution. Whilst risk cannot be eliminated from any investment, alternative investing can help to reduce risk, improving gains in a very efficient manner and giving clear exit strategies.

Harley Investments Ltd is an investment expert and our original blog posts wholly prove it. The Harley blog is home to an array of appropriate topics, shedding light on the importance of alternative investments and providing our conscious, informed perspective on the industry and all that surrounds it.

With a growing package of alternative investments from cemeteries to car parks, Harley Investments Ltd is well placed to offer any investor the products, knowledge, and experience to maximise growth. With a large part of the best performing investment portfolios focused around diversification, it is becoming an ever increasing trend for savvy investors to use an alternative investment company.

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  • 22nd
    Feb 2017

    5 Reasons Why Investing in Burial Plots is a Smart Decision

    Here at Harley Investments Ltd, we wholly believe that investing in a burial plot is a lucrative option that should be explored by those looking for an alternative investment.


  • 22nd
    Feb 2017

    Christian Hipkiss Welcomes New CFO

    Christian Hipkiss CEO of Harley Investments is delighted to welcome another important team member to the growing team of experts. (more…)

  • 27th
    Jan 2017

    Skills You Need to Achieve Success in Alternative Investment

    No matter how valuable an asset is, handsome rewards are never assured when it comes to investments.
    For this reason, (more…)

  • 22nd
    Dec 2016

    Christian Hipkiss – Investment TV

    Our CEO Christian Hipkiss has recently been asked to appear on Investment TV on SKY to discuss alternative investments, it was a great opportunity for Harley Investments (more…)

  • 22nd
    Dec 2016

    East London Cemetery Update – Rainham

    Our Eastern London Cemetery project in Rainham is progressing along nicely. Accessible below is the site plan Cemetery Development Services, (more…)

  • 15th
    Nov 2016

    A Viable Solution to Your Retirement | Harley Investments Ltd

    Are you planning for your future? People in the UK are woefully unprepared to retire. According to an Aegon survey, three in 10 people within 10 years of state pension age do not know the amount of money they need upon retirement. (more…)

  • 19th
    Oct 2016

    Why Burial Plots Are a Good Property Investment

    Death is one of those things that you can never avoid. It will happen to everyone, so it is not surprising that there are people who mull over and plan for it – even if they will not be around to see everything they have planned for this moment. (more…)

  • 19th
    Oct 2016

    Investment Indecision? Consider Investing in a Birmingham Student Apartment

    Birmingham, located at the heart of England, is the second largest student city in the UK. It is a multicultural city with an estimate of 65,000 student residents—and that population is still growing.


  • 02nd
    Sep 2016

    A Word From Our CEO – Christian Hipkiss

    As Harley Investments continues to grow and build its reputation as a leading alternative investment company in the UK, Christian Hipkiss, proud CEO of Harley, shares his thoughts on the direction the company is taking. (more…)

  • 04th
    Aug 2016

    Interest Rates

    The UK base rate has been cut today to just 0.25%. We are still offering a 40% return on investment within two years for a limited period, giving one of the highest returns available within the UK at this moment.

  • 27th
    Jul 2016

    London Office Opening

    Harley Investments are happy to announce the opening of our latest office in London later this year. We are now recruiting for positions based in our new office based in Canary Wharf.

  • 20th
    Jul 2016

    Investment Showcase Success

    Harley hosted an investment showcase at the Mayfair Hotel in London yesterday evening. A private group of successful investors warmly received the presentation from our staff, with a number of new investments being made on the night.

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